Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Purchase Agreement Terms
Agreement to purchase our plants with possession of these terms and instructions is taken as acceptance of them.
BLUESTEM NURSERY works hard to produce quality, healthy plants for you, at the time of sale. Care and health in your hands is your responsibility. Rarely, a fully dormant plant will turn up dead later. Our maximum liability will be the purchase price, but we will refund or replace, your choice. Prices change only with a new catalog.
Contractual customers will be advised in writing on the proper finishing period, planting instructions and maintenance. Taking your plants too soon is strongly discouraged, as this often results in a failed planting for which we will not be responsible.
Our plants will be true to species or cultivar named, or we will replace or refund, maximum liability to be the purchase price. Soil, sun, watering, maintenance, etc., as listed in the species descriptions. You will not be sold an inappropriate plant, to the limits of effective communication.
We welcome contractual customers. They are required to take delivery of their plants within a two (2) weeks' grace period of agreed delivery date. You are responsible for accurately determining the delivery date. Past this date, BLUESTEM NURSERY will charge rent on the space occupied by the plants under contract, at a rate of 35 cents ($0.35)/square foot, per month, due on delivery. Exceptions negotiated only with pictorial or written proof from a third party, with said third party taking written fiscal responsibility for the space rental. Any additions to the grace period must be negotiated on a weekly basis, but will not exceed one (1) month. We reserve the right to deliver plants previously paid for (less space rental due) to either the customer or the worksite after excessive time lapse (i.e. two [2] months or more after due date). We appreciate your attention to this matter. Other customers behind you need space, too.
The initial deposit for contract growing is 25% of the total bill, freight and/or space rental included. Checks will be made out to BLUESTEM NURSERY. The final balance will be due at delivery, in the form of a check. If your company uses purchase orders for internal control, a purchase order number must accompany the initial written agreement. For multiple deliveries, individual trips will be invoiced and must be signed for by appropriate receiving personnel, i.e. job foreman. Prices fixed as negotiated. Any matter more than 30 days delinquent will receive a call attempting payment. If a customer refuses to commit to a reasonable schedule of payments after 120 days, the matter will be referred for prosecution.
Wholesale delivery with our vehicles, or you can pick up. Charges for deliveries are ten percent (10%) of the load added to the bill, minimum $200.00 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, $400.00 elsewhere.
Cash, check, or purchase orders are accepted as payment. No credit cards.
No other warranties, explicit or implicit, will be honored. This catalog and terms supercede any previous editions.

BLUESTEM NURSERY is a wholesale supplier and can sell only to those who have a valid tax id#. Texas customers...please fax or mail a copy of your Texas resale certificate or state tax id # to be exempt from Texas sales tax. A Texas Sales Tax Resale Certficate form can be downloaded for your convenience.